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Home Health Care in Florida

imageNationwide Healthcare is a full service home health agency in Miami Gardens, Florida based in Miami, FL that can provide a wide array of personnel to help treat and rehabilitate those in need of our services in the comfort of their homes.

We specialize in home health care because it provides patients with a combination of services and emotional support that encourage rapid recovery and responses. Our goal is to help our clients achieve the best quality of life possible. And with advanced medical resources now available for home use, Nationwide Healthcare can provide the highest quality health care, at costs significantly below other health care facilities.


Home Health Care helps seniors live independently for as long as possible, given the limits of their medical condition. It covers a wide range of services and can often delay the need for long-term nursing home care.

More specifically, home health care may include occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, and even skilled nursing. It may involve helping the elderly with personal care such as with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, and eating. Or it may include assistance with cooking, cleaning, other housekeeping jobs, and monitoring one’s daily regimen of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Nationwide Healthcare is a full-service home health agency that offers these services and much more!



111 NW 183rd Street, Suite #420
Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Phone: 305-654-1264
Fax:     305-651-3330


"My daughter has been receiving services from Nationwide Healthcare for over 5 years. The staff goes out of their way to schedule a nurse and even more to reschedule when someone misses within a timely manner the same day. The service and attention is always there. Definitely the Best!!"
- S.M., Miami, FL

"As parents, trust is very important to us. It helps us sleep better at night knowing that here is a responsible nurse to care for our daughter. The care we receive from Nationwide Healthcare Services has been the most reliable and professional we have received in 6 years!"
- T.J., Miami, FL