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Medical Social Services in Miami Gardens, Florida

Nutrition Therapy and How It Can Help Patients

Nutrition therapy is a fancy word. However, it is an essential component of home health care that aims to provide proper nutrition to patients so they can lead healthy lives. With nutrition therapy, patients also receive the right amount of energy to … Continue reading

Things You Can Do to Improve Cognitive Functions

Cognitive functions are a critical aspect of overall health. It is the ability to think, learn, retain memory, control motion, process emotions, and respond to sensory perception. It is so critical to the people’s health that any trustworthy home health agency … Continue reading

Medication Management Tips Every Senior Should Know

Even when you have a reliable caregiver from a reputable home health agency in Miami Gardens, Florida, you should still proactively manage your medication. Although your caregiver will ensure that you can take your meds properly, you will be more … Continue reading

Heart-Healthy Habits Older Adults Should Adopt

Keeping the heart healthy is an essential task for both the older adults and the caregiver from a home health agency in Miami Gardens, Florida. It takes a lot of effort as well as changes your daily lifestyle. On the … Continue reading

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Senior Care: Tips to Reduce Arthritis Pains

If you have seen your senior loved one crunching over their knees in pain, they could have arthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are about 31 million Americans who have osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is just one of the many types … Continue reading

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Medication Safety Reminders for Seniors

How many medications does your senior loved one take in one day? At their age, polypharmacy can be common. Polypharmacy is when someone is taking more than one medication every day. As your partner in home health care in Florida, … Continue reading

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