How to Exercise with Flaring Arthritis

Knee arthritis is a painful condition that affects many people. For those with knee arthritis, exercise can be an essential part of managing symptoms and improving joint function. However, during a flare-up of knee arthritis, knowing what exercises are safe to do is challenging. The good news is that there are exercises that can be done safely and effectively during a flare-up of knee arthritis.

Our home health aide in Florida suggests low-impact exercises such as cycling, swimming, or using an elliptical machine. These exercises place less stress on the knee joint, making them less painful to perform. Water aerobics or swimming are particularly effective, as the buoyancy of the water reduces the amount of weight placed on the knee joint.

Strength training is also a beneficial exercise for knee arthritis. Building muscle around the knee joint can improve stability and reduce knee pain. Strengthening exercises for the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are all helpful in improving knee function.

It is crucial to listen to your body during exercise and avoid any exercises or movements that cause pain or discomfort. Modifying an exercise or switching to a different exercise that is more comfortable can also be helpful.

Consulting with a healthcare professional or physical therapist before starting a new exercise program or making significant changes to your current routine is always recommended. They can provide guidance on exercises that are safe and appropriate for your specific condition and recommend modifications as needed.

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