How a Speech Therapist can Help Stroke Survivors


Speech therapists from a reputable home health agency in Florida help stroke survivors cope with the speech and communication disorders left behind by a stroke attack. Most significantly, the speech therapist can help the stroke patient in the following ways:

  1. Monitor swallowing

    By teaching positioning and feeding techniques, stroke patients are able to eat and swallow their food independently. Of course, the family members and the home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida have to be around during mealtimes to assist them when the patient begins to choke.

  2. Treat aphasia

    With aphasia, patients suffer from difficulties in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Speech therapists will coach the patient on how to speak, read, write, and listen.

  3. Educate family members
  4. It is the speech therapist’s job to keep the family members educated about the condition of the stroke patient.

  5. Encourage exercise

    Stroke patients will experience weakness in the mouth, tongue, and throat. The speech therapists will recommend and teach exercises that will help strengthen these muscles so that the patient can speak or form words once again.

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