What Are the Common Causes of Unsteady Gait

When the walk is not steady, a person’s safety is at risk. Although it may seem that walking issues happen in the elderly, this is not the only situation when a person faces gait problems.

Many factors contribute to unsteady gait, and here are some common examples you need to understand and be prepared for.

  • Weakness of the muscle
    Muscles are key parts for movement, and without enough strength to hold our balance, muscle weakness makes every move difficult to manage and control. Muscle problems can be caused by neurological diseases, injuries, or strokes.
  • Nerve damage
    Damages to the nerves caused by diabetes or people with alcoholism make walking difficult because the communication between the feet and the brain is no longer secure. We need to feel our feet while moving, and with nerve damage, this communication is cut off.
  • Central nervous system disorders
    Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, or multiple sclerosis affect the brain or the spinal cord, which are important elements of movement.

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