Feed Your Mind: Brain Power Foods for Seniors

Brain Power Foods for Seniors

As a person reaches the aging years, memory issues can happen. It’s a natural part of aging when brain cells start to decline. When there’s dementia, the memory can even be seriously affected, resulting to a declining well-being. This is how vital taking care of our brain’s health is. As a trusted home health agency in Miami Gardens, Florida, we have seen the effects of memory problems in dementia patients. So we encourage you to take care of your brain as preventive action.

Brain health can be promoted with the kinds of food we eat. We’ve looked for the common brain foods that you can serve to your aging loved one at home.

  • Walnuts
    All other kinds of nuts are helpful for the brain, but walnuts come first on the list because of its high content on omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are efficient in strengthening brain neurons to improve their communication abilities, so that memory is bolstered. Walnuts are also rich in other nutrients that protect brain cells such as antioxidants and vitamin E.
  • Eggs
    Aside from B vitamins that are found in eggs, choline is also present in this food. Choline is the micronutrient that is instrumental in creating the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible in regulating a person’s memory. B vitamins in eggs also help improve brain health. For good recipes involving eggs, home health aides can be of assistance.
  • Green Tea
    This healthy beverage is not just known to improve one’s alertness and focus; it also contains components for better brain health. The amino acid, L-theanine, is richly found in green tea. This component is able to cross from one neurotransmitter to the other, not only reducing one’s anxiety, but also improving one’s memory.
  • Orange
    Seniors can also benefit from oranges when it comes to enhancing their brain’s health. The vitamin C abundantly found in oranges is able to shield brain cells from harmful free radicals, which can damage the brain, affecting memory function. With healthier brain, there’s also lesser mental decline.
  • Turmeric
    Not only is turmeric is providing distinct color and taste to one’s favorite curry, it also contains curcumin. This curcumin is a strong antioxidant, which destroys free radicals harming the body’s cells, including brain cells, while improving memory function. When your aging loved one needs home health care in Florida, ensure that they’re eating brain-healthy meals as well.

Feeding your loved one is just as essential as knowing what to feed them. Make it a point to provide brain-healthy foods especially when they’re approaching the senior years. There are still many brain-boosting food options for seniors, and this should be explored by the family caregiver of professional care provider.

At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc., we don’t just extend exceptional nursing services, but we also ensure that your loved one can have quality aging years through excellent health and better functioning memory. We’re ready to back you up in caring for your senior loved one at home.

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