A Safe Home for People with Mobility Issues


As we grow older, we develop issues with mobility. These issues worsen over time, and they change how we navigate our homes. Some may even need home health care at home.

As a home health agency in Florida, we want to help seniors live better lives inside their homes. This can be hard when they experience mobility issues. With that, let us look at some home modifications that can accommodate their mobility issues.

  • Ramps and Stairlifts

    One of the best ways to make a better home for people who have mobility issues is to install ramps. These ramps can be placed along staircases to help people navigate platforms better.

    If a staircase is too steep, they can use stairlifts as an alternative. These devices can help seniors and older adults go to other floors of a house or a building.

  • Grab Rails
    People can also add grab rails to their homes. These are railings that can be used to gain stability while walking. These grab rails can be installed all over the place. But they should be placed in areas where seniors are prone to falling. These grab rails may just help in avoiding these falls.
  • Make Way
    Of course, every passageway of a household with a senior should always be clear of any obstacle that can restrict free movement. These obstacles may trip them, which can then cause their injuries.

If you need assistance with senior care, please call us here at Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. We can provide you with a home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida, who can help you live a better life at home.

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