How to Control Your Portion Sizes


If you or your loved one is managing your health, controlling your portion sizes may be one option recommended by your physician. But how do you keep within the recommended sizes of your meals? Here are some tricks you can use to control your portion sizes and achieve that target weight.

  • Try using smaller dinnerware. Small plates are easier to fill. This makes an illusion of a full plate when in fact, there is a smaller quantity on your plate.
  • Drink first. By starting your meal with water, you are already filling up your stomach. This makes you feel less hungry to grab more food.
  • Chew slowly and carefully. By eating slowly, you are putting more focus into eating. You are less likely to overeat because you are fully aware you are getting full.
  • If you are dining out, try half portions. If possible, the dining place may be able to provide a half serving. You can also tag along a family or friend to share the meal.

Meal management is part of our home health care services.

Your home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida will walk you through planning your meals and making sure you are within your meal objectives.

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