When Is It Necessary to Change a Senior’s Dietary Needs

When Is It Necessary to Change a Senior's Dietary Needs

Loss of appetite is a pretty common scenario for seniors. If you see that your senior parent isn’t eating well, it is important to determine the reason behind that change. Without pinpointing the reason, you won’t be able to follow the right course of action or dietary changes to help a senior recover their appetite.

Here are some of the common reasons why it is essential that you and the home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida work together to change the senior’s dietary requirements:

  • Slow digestive system
    As one ages, the digestive system slows down as the body generates less saliva and stomach acid. As a result, the body will have a difficult time processing vitamins and minerals. Changing the dietary needs to increase the intake of fiber is a must then.
  • Medication and illness
    Some seniors, despite receiving quality care by professionals from a reputable home health agency in Florida, suffer from weight loss and poor nutrition due to their medication and illness. Their meds may influence their appetite or sense of taste, which may prompt them to choose foods that are heavily flavored. Ask the doctor to know what side effects a senior will experience once they take their prescribed medications.
  • Weakened senses
    Of course, it isn’t just medications and illness that will have an impact on a senior’s sense of taste. In fact, aging, in general, will weaken one’s senses. Instead of increasing salt or sugar for taste, it is better to use healthy oils, spices, and herbs.

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