Hearing Loss: Why Does This Happen?

Hearing Loss: Why Does This Happen?

Specialized home health care services deliver a combination of medical services and daily living support for the patients. At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc., we encourage rapid recovery and response for the patient to achieve their desired quality of life.

As our loved ones age, they are more at risk to acquire illnesses, particularly age-related conditions. Families often seek out support from a home health agency in Florida to help manage their loved one’s condition.

A common age-related issue is hearing loss. Although many factors are contributing to the loss of hearing, there is also a chance that such factors have jointly contributed to the patient’s condition.

Certain conditions that are attributed to age such as diabetes or high blood pressure may contribute to hearing loss. Some medications can adversely affect the sensory cells in the ears. Such treatment includes, for example, certain chemotherapy drugs. Although rare, abnormalities in the outer or middle ear can cause age-related hearing loss. This happens when the tympanic membrane or the eardrum is compromised.

Long-term exposure to loud sounds can cause noise-induced hearing loss. The sensory hair cells in the ear get damaged. Unfortunately, these hair cells do not grow back and the hearing ability is diminished.

Taking care of a loved one with hearing loss poses different challenges to the family. Let us talk with our home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida to manage the situation.

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