Assistance to People with Eye Impairment

Comes with aging is the deterioration of other body parts, including the organs. And that means your eyes can get affected too. Eye diseases are one of the major concerns in seniorhood. And when eye problems worsen, there is a chance of having impaired vision or total blindness. And this condition may require getting home health services.

Some eye conditions are debilitating. And that includes macular degeneration, diabetes-related retinopathy, some types of glaucoma, and other degenerative eye diseases.

If you are providing personal care to people with visual impairment, here are some tips for communicating with them:

  • Introduce yourself as a therapist or a caregiver. Say your name and your purpose.
  • Use the person’s name, so he knows you are talking to him.
  • Be specific in giving directions: say “left” or “right” rather than pointing.
  • If the person moves to a new location, tell them who is in the room and offer to describe the environment. Make sure they can touch a table, chair, or wall to maintain orientation to their surroundings.
  • Read out written information about their doctor’s prescribed medication, as well as the treatment plan prepared by your home health agency in Florida, including rights and associated risks.

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