Poor Lifestyle Habits Senior Citizens Should Avoid

Poor lifestyle habits increase the risk of age-related issues and chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, and heart disease. Our certified nursing assistants can help your elderly loved ones address issues associated with medical conditions to promote their comfort, health, and independence at home by encouraging and teaching healthy lifestyle habits and helping them avoid bad habits like:

  • Smoking or Using Tobacco Products
    Cigarettes and other tobacco products are a main contributor to many chronic conditions like lung cancer, heart disease, mouth & throat disease, and hypertension. Our home health services, like cardiac/respiratory care and diagnosis teaching and instructions, can help seniors make healthier lifestyle choices and reduce their risk of chronic conditions.
  • Inactivity
    A sedentary lifestyle increases all causes of mortality. Senior citizens who exercise regularly can maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular health, prevent stress, and boost immunity.
  • Withdrawing from Social Interaction
    Social isolation has negative impacts on mental and physical health. It can increase the risk of dementia and discourage seniors from seeking medical attention when needed. On the other hand, social interactions can boost immunity, relieve stress, improve mood, and encourage recreational activities. That is why it is better to apply for senior care services for your loved ones.

We offer home healthcare and nursing services in Miami Gardens,Florida, to help your elderly loved ones improve their health and quality of life. For more information, you can call Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. at 305-654-1264. We are a home health care provider that provides senior care, personal care, and many more.

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