Communication with a Senior with Hearing Loss: 8 Tips

Communication with a Senior with Hearing Loss: 8 Tips

While it can be a common occurrence among seniors, hearing loss can still be frustrating when it hampers our communication abilities. If you have a loved one with hearing decline or loss, here are helpful tips you can apply to improve your communication.

  1. Capture their Attention
    Before you even talk to your loved one, ensure that you have their attention first. Get them to look at you and watch you speak. As a home health agency in Miami Gardens, Florida, we have seen this strategy to work when we’re communicating with clients who have hearing difficulties.
  2. Speak Slowly and Clearly
    When your senior loved one has hearing loss, they may still be able to read your mouth and facial expression. Talk to them at a slow pace so they can read your lips. Avoid eating or chewing gum when talking to them.
  3. Reduce Noise Around
    As a provider of home health care in Florida, we also remind you to take your loved one to a place where there’s lesser or no background noise. If you’re taking them outdoors or in crowded places, try your best to get them somewhere with lesser noise especially when you need to talk to them.
  4. One Person at a Time
    It is discouraged to talk with someone who has a hearing issue when someone else is talking. If there are many of you who want to talk to your loved one, do so one person at a time. This helps them to focus their attention on the speaker, thus getting the message clearly.
  5. Repeat
    When necessary, we also encourage you to repeat what you said especially if you want to make sure that they have heard you correctly. You can also ask them to repeat what you said to assure you that they have received your message.
  6. Re-phrase
    If you also find it important to re-phrase what you have just said, do so. Sometimes, re-phrasing our message can make it more understandable especially for people with hearing issues.
  7. Stay in a Well-Lighted Place
    Furthermore, we also encourage you to converse with your loved one in a brightly-lit area. This way, you both can get to see each other’s facial and eye expressions. In so doing, proper communication is achieved.
  8. Be Patient
    As key providers of quality nursing services, we also encourage you to be patient when waiting for your loved one’s response. They may take time in formulating their thoughts as they adjust to what you have just said.

If your senior loved one needs additional help and assistance in doing their daily tasks, our home health aides can be there to help them out. At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc., we’re here to make these situations at home more manageable for you and your loved one, especially when they have physical difficulties such as hearing issues.

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