How Seniors Can Exercise with Limited Mobility


Regular physical exercise is vital to senior health as it aids in fall prevention and promotes both mental health and physical function. However, many older adults struggle with regular exercise due to impaired mobility. In addition to seeing a therapist, seniors can incorporate low-impact workouts to achieve their fitness goals. Likewise, there are low-impact exercises for seniors with limited mobility:

  • Chair Exercises

    Chair-based exercises are considered low-intensity workouts and may entail simple standing movements. This type of exercise is ideal for seniors with joint problems as it aids in improving range of motion and flexibility. A home health aide in Florida can assist seniors with chair-based exercises.

  • Water Aerobics

    Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is good for seniors with back or joint pain. The buoyancy of the water counteracts gravity, which makes it an ideal workout that has a lower risk of injury. There are fitness groups or classes that specialize in water aerobics and are designed for older adults.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a mind-body, low-impact exercise that includes breathing exercises and meditation. When paired with home health care in Miami Gardens,Florida, it can help reduce stress and boost mood. Yoga can also improve strength, flexibility, and balance to aid in fall prevention and to help older adults retain their independence.

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