Winter Health Risks for the Seniors

Seniors are at risk of many diseases that occur seasonally in winter. And Certified Nursing Assistants must observe them during this time to check for any symptoms. Here are some examples:

  • Winter blues is the less cheerful feeling of people during the winter season – when they isolate in their homes with limited movement and activity for a while.
  • Pneumonia, including other chronic respiratory diseases, is an infection of the lungs that occur when the immune system fails- and the body becomes weak. It is prevalent in cool temperatures. A Home Health Care Provider can help them with medication and healing.
  • Frostbite damages the skin and bone tissue when the body is exposed to cold air. The face turns puffy and swollen, affecting the lips, nose, ears, and cheeks. It often results in poor blood circulation and causes the muscles and joints to stop working. And a person may need Therapy Services depending on the severity.
  • Hypothermia is the body’s reaction when exposed to extremely low temperatures. It is associated with sarcopenia, or the loss of muscles that generate heat – making the body look pale.
  • High blood pressure is the major cause of heart attacks. Due to cold weather, the blood vessels constrict, causing blood pressure to spike. They may need a Home Health Aide in Florida to manage.
  • Joint pain includes arthritis and its many forms. And these cause pain in different body parts.

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