Nutrition: Why Does It Matter?

Nutrition: Why Does It Matter?

Good nutrition. We have all heard about it at one point. When we were young, our parents told us to eat properly to get proper nutrition. And now that we are older, the doctor may have reminded us about gaining the right nutrients, too. We may have asked ourselves, “What’s the big deal with ‘good nutrition’?”

To start, according to, nutrition shows the importance and influence of food on the body. Nutrients in food are vital. When a person does not get the right amount of even one nutrient, they may go into a deficiency, and their overall health is affected.

As a home health agency in Florida, we have listed some examples of nutritional deficiencies and how they affect the body.

  • Calcium deficiency 
    Calcium is necessary for building bones and teeth. Additionally, it helps nerves and muscles to work well. When there’s a deficiency, a person may experience muscle cramps, weakening of bones and nails, depression, among others.  
  • Vitamin D deficiency
    The body uses vitamin D to help absorb calcium. Without it, the body’s bones may not develop properly. And without vitamin D to aid calcium absorption, bones become fragile and porous, breaking easily.
  • Iron deficiency
    Iron helps the hemoglobin – transports oxygen to the blood- to function properly. When there’s a deficiency, the body may experience anemia. A competent home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida, can create meals rich in iron.

The body may experience nutritional deficiencies in many ways, but some methods can be used to mitigate them. As one of the leading providers of home health care in Florida, we at Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. have equipped ourselves to provide proper nutrition to our clients. Contact us to know more.

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