Wound Care Tips You Should Know About

Open wounds create a pathway for bacteria and other pathogens to enter the body. Proper wound care is critical because it helps clean the damage and reduce the risk of infection. If you require a tip or two on this, Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc., a leading provider of nursing services in Miami Gardens,Florida, can help you!

Apart from our mission to deliver only the highest quality home health services, we strive to make critical information accessible to the public. With that, here are wound care tips we believe everyone should know about:

  • Before touching the wound, clean your hands thoroughly. Apply gentle pressure using a clean cloth or sterile gauze to help stop
    any bleeding. Elevate the damage if possible.

  • Rinse the wound gently with clean water or a mild saline solution to remove dirt, debris, or bacteria. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or alcohol since they can be too harsh and delay healing.

  • After cleaning, apply a thin layer of over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection.

  • Cover the wound with a sterile adhesive bandage, non-stick sterile dressing, or gauze pad. Change the dressing daily or as required to keep the damage clean and moist.

For severe or significant wounds, such as those incurred from an injury or post-surgery, the best step to take is to seek the help of a home health care provider.

Here, we are home to registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and other professionals who can provide the proper care.

Apart from all these, you may also access senior care with us. Reach us now!

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