Occupational Therapy in Miami Gardens, FL

Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. Occupational Therapy Services include patient treatment for those impaired due to a physical illness, emotional disorder, congenital or developmental disability, or the aging process. Our program combines a strong employee’s curriculum, and opportunities for practical application in fieldwork experiences.

Occupational Therapists will thoroughly assess and evaluate the client’s health and basic skills, assist in the planning and implementation of programs, promote energy conservation measures, and provide measures for normalizing the patients’ sensory functions and basic living skills so they can once again function in the society and workplace in whatever capacity they have.

Occupational therapy uses an approach that utilizes the activities of daily living to rehabilitate occupational skills lost due to injury or long-time facility confinement. A skills evaluation is done to initiate the service in order to create a custom therapy plan that would reflect the level of rehabilitation needed. Once identified, we will roll out the process in a manner that would gradually reintroduce the skills to the individual.

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