Speech Therapy Exercises Stroke Patients Can Do at Home


People typically suffer from speech-related problems after a stroke. If you want your loved one to regain their ability to speak or communicate, undergoing speech therapy with a professional from a home health agency in Florida is a must.

There are different speech therapy exercises that the professional can recommend. Here are some of those that your loved one can do at home, independently, or with the help of a home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida:

  1. Stick Your Tongue Out

    This simple exercise requires the patient to stick their tongue out. They’ll hold it out for at least two seconds, then pull it back. Repeat the said exercise.

  2. Move Tongue from Side to Side

    Moving the tongue from side to side is a tongue strengthening exercise. To do this exercise, touch one side of the mouth with the tongue and hold it there for a couple of seconds. Then, move to the other side and do the same thing. Repeat the exercise.

  3. Smile

    Patients should practice smiling as well. This is the best way to improve control over your lips. Simply smile, then relax, then smile again. Just repeat this exercise anytime at home.

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