Types of Food Senior Citizens Should Avoid

Senior citizens should be more strict about their diets because aging bodies are at a higher risk of experiencing foodborne illnesses. Making smarter food choices can also help seniors reduce their risk of chronic illness and age-related issues like dementia and diabetes. We offer home health care in Miami Gardens,Florida, including meal preparation, and here are some types of food seniors should try to avoid foodborne illness and unwanted incidents during meal times:

  • Raw or Undercooked Eggs and Meat
    Undercooked eggs and meats can increase the risk of food poisoning, which can trigger sepsis and septic shock. Seniors are also more susceptible to developing infections and sepsis from food poisoning. We can provide your elderly loved ones with a home health aide in Florida who can prepare and serve healthy and safe meals.
  • Unpasteurized Dairy and Juice
    Dairy and fresh juices can be a great source of nutrients like calcium and vitamin C for seniors, but unpasteurized dairy and juices can increase the risk of foodborne illnesses in seniors because they may contain potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Raw Fish or Shellfish
    Sushi and shellfish like oysters can be high in sodium, increasing the risk of conditions like high blood pressure in senior citizens. Aging bodies typically have weaker immunity, making it more difficult to combat any parasites raw fish or shellfish may contain.

We can help your loved ones eat healthier and safer at home. For more information about our home health agency in Florida, call Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. at 305-654-1264.

Services you could expect from us include personal care, senior care, therapy services, and many more.

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