Indications That Your Child Might Need Physical Therapy


In general, physical therapy is a treatment that focuses on relieving pain, restoring function and movement. In addition, it promotes healing and rehabilitation of the body from an injury or disability.

On the other hand, pediatric physical therapy is made available for children. Pediatric PT helps children with the development of their motor skills and aids their overall development. With this therapy, it includes treatment interventions such as:

  • therapeutic exercises
  • balance and coordination activities
  • mobility training
  • developmental activities

There are instances where a child may need the intervention of physical therapy. Here are some of the indications that your child may need physical therapy:

  • They are not hitting their developmental milestones.
  • They complain that they are in pain during gross motor skills activities.
  • They have trouble in hoping, jumping, or skipping.
  • They have poor posture and trips when walking.
  • They suffered from an injury or an outstanding condition where it hinders them in performing the average level of function.

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