Malnutrition: A Worldwide Concern in Elderly Care

Malnutrition can happen to anyone at any age. It is a worldwide problem that usually concerns children and the elderly – causing many other health problems, going under long-term Home Health Care in Miami Gardens, Florida, or worse, mortality.
There could be many reasons for being malnourished. But of all those reasons, here are the most common and most concerning as per a Home Health Care Provider:

  • Lack of Access to Healthcare
    This is especially to people from far-flung and remote areas that even a Home Health Agency in Florida can’t reach. Some people are also underprivileged, especially when they are poor.
  • Financial Problems
    Lack of money means a lack of food and nourishment. People refuse to visit a physician and buy medications as they think they are expensive.
  • Eating Disorders
    Dysphagia (the inability to eat, drink, and swallow), dysgeusia (the loss of taste), dental problems, and anorexia of aging are concerns the elderly Certified Nursing Assistants should watch for in their care.
  • Depression
    The loss of a loved one, knowing about a serious disease, and many different challenges and problems at their age can cause depression in elders. At this point, they might not feel the urge to eat at all and may need an intervention from a Therapist.

Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. cares for your health. And we want to advise everyone to raise more awareness about the dangers of malnutrition and advocate for its prevention.

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