How to Help Senior Boosts Their Immune Systems


The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism against diseases and infections. For seniors receiving home health care, their immune system may weaken due to aging. Fortunately, there are steps they can take to boost their immune system.

Here are those steps that seniors can take to improve their body’s natural defense against diseases and infections:

  1. Get lots of Vitamin D
    Vitamin D is a natural immune system booster. To get lots of vitamin D, one way is to go outside and bask in the sun. You can also consume healthy foods rich in vitamin D. For that, you may need to ask your home health aide in Miami Gardens, Florida to stock up your fridge with vitamin D-rich foods such as mushrooms, sardines, and salmon.
  2. Regular exercise
    Seniors who want to boost their immune systems will be advised by their caregiver from a reputable home health agency in Florida to take regular and appropriate exercise. The exercise shouldn’t be strenuous. Moderate exercise that includes half an hour of walking daily is what’s appropriate.
  3. Sleep enough
    Sleeping gives the body the chance to recover and repair. So when seniors get adequate sleep, they are allowing their immune system to strengthen its defenses.

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