Physical Therapy in Florida

Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. hires well-credentialed and experienced Physical Therapists who are not only knowledgeable and skillful about their profession, but also ultimately concerned about the end results of their practice.

A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s physical condition shall be conducted in order to create a patient profile that will detail his/her needs, the services that would match the need, and the patient’s readiness to receive the therapy. Along with it, time frame, schedules, and other notable preferences shall be recognized and considered in breaking down the plan into individual sessions.

Physical Therapy Services assist our patients in recovering, restoring and maintaining maximum strength and endurance; as well as restoring musculoskeletal abilities. From Arthritis, fractures, sprains; and patients with limited ambulation and unsteady gait; our therapists specialize in helping the patient restore his or her functional limitations, and confidence in the ability to ambulate.

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