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Medical Social Services in Miami Gardens, Florida

The Best Way to Handle Caregiver Stress

If there is ever something that can knock caregivers off their feet, it’s caregiver stress. This problem has become very real and more formidable over the years with caregivers wearing themselves too thin by taking on too many responsibilities in … Continue reading

Overcoming Social Isolation

Loneliness and isolation are among a caregiver’s greatest enemies. Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc. is a home health agency in Miami Gardens, Florida that knows how crucial it is to help family caregivers overcome these health epidemics. A good number of … Continue reading

Communication with a Senior with Hearing Loss: 8 Tips

While it can be a common occurrence among seniors, hearing loss can still be frustrating when it hampers our communication abilities. If you have a loved one with hearing decline or loss, here are helpful tips you can apply to … Continue reading

Posted in Hearing Loss

Dental Care Tips: How to Assist Seniors with Dementia

Even minor issues on teeth and gums can complicate easily for seniors. Due to their age-related decline in the immune system, they may not have sufficient defense against infection, which can begin with injured gums. Furthermore, the presence of dementia … Continue reading

Posted in Dental Care

How to Help a Senior Rehabilitate from Surgery

Any person who goes through surgery will require a certain period of recovery. During this period, they need to take care of their diet as well as exercise so that they can, as much as possible, return to the healthy … Continue reading

Posted in Rehabilitation

How Families Benefit from Respite Care Services

There are numerous reasons why a family member will opt to take care of a senior loved one on their own. For some, it is because they want to show their love and care personally. It may also be because … Continue reading

Posted in Respite Care